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SprezzOS: Reshaping the Linux ecosystem, one splinter cell at a time.

SprezzOS was (SprezzOS has been inactive since 2014) a Linux distribution dedicated to the lost arts of high performance, robust computing, and freewheeling hackery. Some distros make their mark playing around with desktop theming; we're rewriting core system tools. While they're authoring constitutions and holding votes, we're assaulting the heart of userspace and generating useful patches for upstream.

SprezzOS is derived from Debian, and is an active member of the Debian Derivatives Census. While SprezzOS is a product of Sprezzatech, which retains final control over its definition, contributions from the community are actively welcomed. All SprezzOS development is open, and has been from the beginning. SprezzOS at its heart is a rolling, rapidly-evolving operating system atop the Linux kernel; when the term "SprezzOS" is used by itself, it is this continuum (the "trunk") which is referenced. It is intended that users generally install this trunk, and rely on its frequent updates. From time to time, a snapshot will be taken of the distribution, defining a more static release. New installation media will be released as minor version updates to these releases as the need arises.

Might you be among our target audience? Good, good.

Release (recent) Date (planned/actual) Media Architectures Bug Tags Kernel libc
3 "Kleene" TBD TBD TBD 3.0.0 TBD TBD
2 "Kolmogorov" 2013-08-06 / TBD TBD TBD 2.0.0 TBD TBD
1 "von Neumann" (1.1.1) 2012-12-25 / 2013-01-13 SprezzOS-1.1.1.iso amd64 1.0.0 Linux 3.7.5 GNU libc 2.16
0 "Turing" (0.0.1) 2012-10-05 / 2012-10-08 SprezzOS-0.0.1.iso amd64 0.0.0 and 0.0.0-beta Linux 3.6.0 EGLIBC 2.13



SWIP, the SprezzOS Web Interface to Packages
Listing of source repositories
SprezzOS! Google+ community

Mailing Lists

  • The low-traffic sprezzos-announce Google Group features moderated announcements.
    • You are strongly advised to subscribe to sprezzos-announce.
  • The sprezzos-dev Google Group covers development discussion.
    • It also receives copies of all Bugzilla mail.
    • It also receives copies of all commits.
    • This mailing list is quite data-intense.
  • The sprezzos-users Google Group covers all other discussion.

Custom development and SLA-driven support for SprezzOS is available from Sprezzatech, the SprezzOS Project's commercial governing body and primary sponsor.