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The fewer security mechanisms, the cleaner the design. We believe the majority of useful security automations (outside of a Mandatory Access Control environment) best achieved via a combination of IPTables, POSIX file-based capabilities, seccomp and virtualization. As a result, several technologies have been deprecated in SprezzOS, as it is felt they served only to complicate the security landscape.

Removed Technologies

  • SELinux
  • TCPWrappers

Root account

By default, the root account cannot directly log in. This can be changed post-install with sudo passwd, but is discouraged.


The user created during SprezzOS installation will be added to the sudo group, which requires no password by default:


To add an arbitrary user U to the sudo group, run

sudo usermod -G sudo -a U



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|#default = {{#switch:
 |hlist hnum
 |hlist vcard
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 |#default = hlist