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SprezzOS 2
Андре́й Никола́евич Колмого́ро
Previous release: SprezzOS 1
Next release: SprezzOS 3

SprezzOS 2 will be named after Andrey Nikolaevich Kolmogorov. SprezzOS 2 will begin to differentiate SprezzOS from other distributions less by its choice of upstream software, and more by its native tools.

Major goals include:

  • Introduction of raptorial,
  • Automatic clustering for package downloads,
  • Automatic clustering for configuration backup, and
  • Collaborative gPXE

Release Goals

Major goal Associated bug(s)
Support i686 multiarch
634P2CONFIRMEDmajor1.0.0 (Von Neumann)SprezzOSNeed to build i686 packages and get multiarch working 
Speed up APT
IDPStatusSeverityVersionProductSummary (5 tasks)  
635P1RESOLVEDmajor1.0.0 (Von Neumann)SprezzOSParse packages lists in parallel 
705P1RESOLVEDmajor1.0.0 (Von Neumann)SprezzOSneed a character-skipping matching algorithm 
698P3CONFIRMEDnormal1.0.0 (Von Neumann)SprezzOSreorganize threading model for package list lexing to parallelize chunks 
706P3CONFIRMEDnormal1.0.0 (Von Neumann)SprezzOSImplement PATRICIA trie structure 
697P3RESOLVEDnormal1.0.0 (Von Neumann)SprezzOSreplace linked lists in pkglist objects with DFAs 
Provide a default, themed GUI
IDPStatusSeverityVersionProductSummary (2 tasks)  
484P1CONFIRMEDmajor0.0.0 (Turing)SprezzOSintegrate x installation into installer 
250P3CONFIRMEDnormal0.0.0 (Turing)SprezzOSneed at least minimal x.org theming 

Open bugs


IDPAssigneeComponentSummary (4 tasks) Status
686P2Nick BlackRaptorialHandle regexes in rapt-show-versions argumentsCONFIRMED
451P3Nick BlackRaptorialCollaborative, zeroconf local package respositoriesCONFIRMED
698P3Nick BlackRaptorialreorganize threading model for package list lexing to parallelize chunksCONFIRMED
706P3Nick BlackRaptorialImplement PATRICIA trie structureCONFIRMED

Kernel and Installer

IDPAssigneeComponentSummary (14 tasks) Status
484P1Nick BlackInstallerintegrate x installation into installerCONFIRMED
492P1Nick BlackKerneluse CoDel as the default queuing disciplineCONFIRMED
504P1Nick BlackKerneleliminate kernel-wedge-based udeb systemCONFIRMED
597P1Nick BlackKernelinitramfs doesn't understand UUID/LABEL syntax for rootCONFIRMED
618P1Nick BlackInstallerinstaller ISO identifies itself as "Debian Wheezy CD 1"CONFIRMED
650P1Nick BlackKernelinstaller installs 3.7.2 zfs/spl modulesCONFIRMED
707P1Nick BlackKernelturn on protected symlinks sysctlCONFIRMED
358P2Nick BlackKernel/dev/disk/by-path has missing and incorrect entriesCONFIRMED
637P2Nick BlackKernel60 second delay in initramfs on startupCONFIRMED
307P3Nick BlackInstallerintegrate nethorologist into installerCONFIRMED
470P3Nick BlackKerneliptables infrastructureCONFIRMED
477P3Nick BlackInstallerneed install utility packs appropriate to targeted filesystemsCONFIRMED
185P4Nick BlackInstallerneed a vi-clone udebCONFIRMED
176P5Nick BlackInstallerget rid of nano on installer, replacing it with viCONFIRMED


IDPAssigneeComponentSummary (50 tasks) Status
411P1Nick BlackGrowlightadd partition resize support via BLKPG_RESIZE_PARTITIONCONFIRMED
344P2Nick BlackGrowlightgrowlight-installed UEFI systems won't boot tianocoreCONFIRMED
452P2Nick BlackGrowlightWrite bootloader to all disks where it can be placed?CONFIRMED
455P2Nick BlackGrowlightneed to verify filesystem signatures with fsckCONFIRMED
614P2Nick BlackGrowlightAdd filesystem resizing supportCONFIRMED
39P3Nick BlackGrowlightSupport multipath I/OCONFIRMED
102P3Nick BlackGrowlightdetermine whether ATA secure erase functionality is frozenCONFIRMED
139P3Nick BlackGrowlightallow setting up loopback devicesCONFIRMED
169P3Nick BlackGrowlightdesign troubleshooting commandCONFIRMED
200P3Nick BlackGrowlightdevice detection ought be non-blockingCONFIRMED
222P3Nick BlackGrowlightindicate steps required before continuing installation when in target modeCONFIRMED
224P3Nick BlackGrowlightfade out diagnostics after some periodCONFIRMED
227P3Nick BlackGrowlightdispatch commands in readline version based on type of object; kill command nameCONFIRMED
245P3Nick BlackGrowlightprovide an interface to the fstrim(8) commandCONFIRMED
252P3Nick BlackGrowlightneed implement zone concept in coreCONFIRMED
269P3Nick BlackGrowlightoffer to create a filesystem after creating a partitionCONFIRMED
270P3Nick BlackGrowlightoffer to mount a filesystem after creating itCONFIRMED
291P3Nick BlackGrowlightsupport LVM in growlightCONFIRMED
293P3Nick BlackGrowlightDetermine southbridge interconnect and compute utilizationCONFIRMED
294P3Nick BlackGrowlightadd "go to" search capabilityCONFIRMED
295P3Nick BlackGrowlightallow single objects to be listed in readline UICONFIRMED
299P3Nick BlackGrowlightdisplay rebuild information for degraded MDADM devicesCONFIRMED
309P3Nick BlackGrowlightprovide interface to ATA secure erase in ncurses UICONFIRMED
315P3Nick BlackGrowlightlong operations ought be interruptibleCONFIRMED
322P3Nick BlackGrowlightmake all options in help context-sensitiveCONFIRMED
324P3Nick BlackGrowlightunnecessary flicker in form returnsCONFIRMED
331P3Nick BlackGrowlightsupport multidisk btrfs configsCONFIRMED
365P3Nick BlackGrowlightwatch for new /dev/md directoryCONFIRMED
382P3Nick BlackGrowlightstart devices within mdadm containersCONFIRMED
385P3Nick BlackGrowlighthide adapter if all blockdevs are removedCONFIRMED
395P3Nick BlackGrowlightconfirmation showed up when quitting despite starting with a valid targetCONFIRMED
404P3Nick BlackGrowlightzpools can be duplicated; removal isn't reflectedCONFIRMED
422P3Nick BlackGrowlightlocked_diag() is stripping non-asciiCONFIRMED
426P3Nick BlackGrowlightzfs members don't show up as having a filesystem signatureCONFIRMED
429P3Nick BlackGrowlightcreating unnamed zpools fails and oughtn't be allowedCONFIRMED
430P3Nick BlackGrowlightEnforce device maxima when creating/modifying aggregatesCONFIRMED
450P3Nick BlackGrowlightconstruct default hostname using DMI informationCONFIRMED
453P3Nick BlackGrowlightattempt to untarget results in attempt to unmountCONFIRMED
456P3Nick BlackGrowlightneed mdlinear supportCONFIRMED
464P3Nick BlackGrowlightnonsense data on flash following apm partition creationCONFIRMED
476P3Nick BlackGrowlightNeed a timer wheel in growlightCONFIRMED
478P3Nick BlackGrowlightneed be able to scroll the diagnostics subwindowCONFIRMED
495P3Nick BlackGrowlight/ should not generally admit nosuid, nodev, or noexecCONFIRMED
621P3Nick BlackGrowlightdetermine and display whether we've booted via UEFICONFIRMED
632P3Nick BlackGrowlightProvide simple recipes for guided partitioningCONFIRMED
107P4Nick BlackGrowlightlook up actual USB HBAs beyond the USB PCI adapterCONFIRMED
306P4Nick BlackGrowlightcollect and act on disk i/o statsCONFIRMED
40P5Nick BlackGrowlightTrack relationship between controllers and aggregated devicesCONFIRMED
67P5Nick BlackGrowlightbe able to pick up remote filesystems as mountsCONFIRMED
628P5Nick BlackGrowlightPort growlight to FreeBSDCONFIRMED


IDPAssigneeComponentSummary (56 tasks) Status
548P1Nick BlackWorldnewer libpam-ssh starts ssh-agent, but doesn't add keyCONFIRMED
562P1Nick BlackWorldmany files missing from python2.7 and python2.7-minimalCONFIRMED
564P1Nick BlackWorldwx-common 2.9 package is emptyCONFIRMED
615P1Nick BlackWorldopenjpeg2000 development package can't be usedCONFIRMED
709P1Nick BlackWorld-KDECan't open URIs from within KonsoleCONFIRMED
326P2Nick BlackWorldembed better palettes into fbtermCONFIRMED
518P2Nick BlackWorlduse top's color mode by defaultCONFIRMED
634P2Nick BlackWorldNeed to build i686 packages and get multiarch workingCONFIRMED
661P2Nick BlackWorldargyll-45 udev ruleset includes invalid syntaxCONFIRMED
678P2Nick BlackWorldpicard acoustic fingerprinting doesn't work anymoreCONFIRMED
703P2Nick BlackWorldPackage libclc 0.0CONFIRMED
716P2Nick BlackWorlddnsmasq doesn't always start on bootCONFIRMED
160P3Nick BlackWorldcomplete GRUB2 themingCONFIRMED
250P3Nick BlackWorldneed at least minimal x.org themingCONFIRMED
351P3Nick BlackWorldwork out a way to bundle multiple library versions, linking against one based off CPUIDCONFIRMED
440P3Nick BlackWorldUse 256-color console by defaultCONFIRMED
449P3Nick BlackWorlduse color and return value in default PS1CONFIRMED
463P3Nick BlackWorldpackage graph visualization toolsCONFIRMED
465P3Nick BlackWorldctrl+alt+backspace ought kill x server by default goddamnitCONFIRMED
469P3Nick BlackWorldcreate an ssh key by default for new users of certain groupsCONFIRMED
485P3Nick BlackWorldneed good default avant-window-navigator setupCONFIRMED
489P3Nick BlackWorldpackage openni and rebuild opencv against itCONFIRMED
512P3Nick BlackWorldsystemd doesn't start mpdCONFIRMED
525P3Nick BlackWorldneed shlibs files for cuda librariesCONFIRMED
531P3Nick BlackWorldgvfs errors on avant-window-navigator startupCONFIRMED
536P3Nick BlackWorldpackage the "angry IP scanner"CONFIRMED
538P3Nick BlackWorlduser configuration (/etc) ought be version-controlled and possibly exported, defnitely cloudedCONFIRMED
541P3Nick BlackWorldpackage enlightenment's "expedite"CONFIRMED
543P3Nick BlackWorldpackage dave jones's trinity kernel fuzzerCONFIRMED
551P3Nick BlackWorldpicard can't use ofa, complains about "no decoders found"CONFIRMED
552P3Nick BlackWorldcan't establish an OTR session in pidginCONFIRMED
554P3Nick BlackWorldcan't build elfutils 0.155 unit testsCONFIRMED
556P3Nick BlackWorldeliminate use of gtk2CONFIRMED
559P3Nick BlackWorldcreate and implement virtual package x-panelCONFIRMED
569P3Nick BlackWorldudev missing many rule filesCONFIRMED
573P3Nick BlackWorldmissing binary /lib/udev/usb-idCONFIRMED
582P3Nick BlackWorldneed a festival packageCONFIRMED
585P3Nick BlackWorldpackage metasploitCONFIRMED
590P3Nick BlackWorldpackage up google web fontsCONFIRMED
605P3Nick BlackWorldspamassassin needs to run sa-update on installCONFIRMED
623P3Nick BlackWorldupgrade to mysql 5.6CONFIRMED
647P3Nick BlackWorldPurge horrible nano and ensure vim is installed on new machinesCONFIRMED
654P3Nick BlackWorld-GNOMEgstreamer-tools load failure (undefined symbol)CONFIRMED
662P3Nick BlackWorldpackage oscarlib for smuxiCONFIRMED
679P3Nick BlackWorld-KDEPackage calligra 2.6.2CONFIRMED
682P3Nick BlackWorldpython3.3-minimal is missing pyconfig.hCONFIRMED
694P3Nick BlackWorldPackage up houdini and other tools from opensourcevfx.orgCONFIRMED
711P3Nick BlackWorld-GNOMEgthumb could not load gstreamer tools extensionCONFIRMED
712P3Nick BlackWorld-GNOMElots of warnings about org.gnome.SessionManagerCONFIRMED
297P4Nick BlackWorldneed bluray backup solutionCONFIRMED
488P4Nick BlackWorldpackage pvapi and rebuild opencv against itCONFIRMED
533P4Nick BlackWorldpackage libxavs and include it in libavCONFIRMED
587P4Nick BlackWorldpackage winkCONFIRMED
193P5Nick BlackWorldrun crpcut from time to timeCONFIRMED
532P5Nick BlackWorldinvestigate monica and package it if desirableCONFIRMED
581P5Nick BlackWorldpackage sdl-shapes into graphvizCONFIRMED

Bugs closed by this release


IDPAssigneeComponentSummary (11 tasks) Status
635P1Nick BlackRaptorialParse packages lists in parallelRESOLVED
671P1Nick BlackRaptorialproperly divide chunks up among threadsRESOLVED
681P1Nick BlackRaptorialBuild DFA for matching against list of package regexesRESOLVED
702P1Nick BlackRaptorialrapt-show-versions in filtered mode shows everything as uninstalledRESOLVED
705P1Nick BlackRaptorialneed a character-skipping matching algorithmRESOLVED
674P2Nick BlackRaptorialNeed track different distributions and keep package lists distinctRESOLVED
692P2Nick BlackRaptorialrapt-slow-versions: regression when machine is under heavy loadRESOLVED
687P3Nick BlackRaptorialrapt-show-versions: Show distribution from which installed packages originateRESOLVED
697P3Nick BlackRaptorialreplace linked lists in pkglist objects with DFAsRESOLVED
719P3Nick BlackRaptorialfailure parsing hplip changelogRESOLVED
704P4Nick BlackRaptorialraptorial-file is printing duplicatesRESOLVED

Kernel and Installer

IDPAssigneeComponentSummary (4 tasks) Status
388P1Nick BlackInstallerUTF8 console fonts are broken on newly installed machinesRESOLVED
435P3Nick BlackInstallerrun gpm by defaultRESOLVED
371P4Nick BlackInstallerrun dnsmasq as a local dns cache by defaultRESOLVED
145P5Nick BlackInstallerget rid of prompt to install usb-storage moduleRESOLVED


IDPAssigneeComponentSummary (4 tasks) Status
620P2Nick BlackGrowlightshow an explanatory screen when started in target modeVERIFIED
594P3Nick BlackGrowlightwiping filesystems doesn't work when they're outside a partitionRESOLVED
609P3Nick BlackGrowlightwiping the mbr isn't reflected in the guiRESOLVED
642P3Nick BlackGrowlightcoredump when setting BIOS partition activeRESOLVED


IDPAssigneeComponentSummary (42 tasks) Status
617P1Nick BlackWorldimagemagick++ has broken pkg-config depRESOLVED
639P1Nick BlackWorldresolvconf isn't started by systemdRESOLVED
675P1Nick BlackWorldluatex package missing binariesRESOLVED
710P1Nick BlackWorlddpkg installs packages, but considers them uninstalledRESOLVED
603P2Nick BlackWorldget mesa 9.0.2 packagedRESOLVED
625P2Nick BlackWorldNeed an unbound.serviceRESOLVED
627P2Nick BlackWorldapache 2.4 doesn't startRESOLVED
655P2Nick BlackWorldbuild and package automake 1.13RESOLVED
665P2Nick BlackWorld-KDEpackage libgds for qt5RESOLVED
666P2Nick BlackWorld-GNOMENeed build GTK+2 >= 2.24.15VERIFIED
715P2Nick BlackWorldinvalid symlinks in libmagickcore-devRESOLVED
444P3Nick BlackWorldgrub colors in installation are different from installerRESOLVED
530P3Nick BlackWorldneed rebuild smb against new ldapRESOLVED
539P3Nick BlackWorldpackage apache 2.4RESOLVED
563P3Nick BlackWorldbinutils 2.23 can't build webkitRESOLVED
566P3Nick BlackWorldpackage openimageio 1.1.2RESOLVED
584P3Nick BlackWorld-KDEGet KDE runtime and workspaces upgraded to 4.9.5RESOLVED
602P3Nick BlackWorldget perl 5.16 packagedRESOLVED
604P3Nick BlackWorldpackage gdb 7.5RESOLVED
606P3Nick BlackWorldNeed rebuild net-snmp against perl 5.16RESOLVED
607P3Nick BlackWorldRebuild hplip against perl 5.16RESOLVED
619P3Nick BlackWorldCan't build against OpenEXR/ImapRoot.h without -I/usr/include/OpenEXRRESOLVED
624P3Nick BlackWorldPackage ffmpeg in addition to libavRESOLVED
633P3Nick BlackWorldgpm needs a systemd unitRESOLVED
641P3Nick BlackWorldCan't build haskell-transformers-compat 0.1RESOLVED
645P3Nick BlackWorldDon't run rpcbind by defaultRESOLVED
646P3Nick BlackWorldNTP isn't being launched by systemdRESOLVED
651P3Nick BlackWorld-KDEneed nepomukwidgetsRESOLVED
653P3Nick BlackWorld-GNOMEbuild and package gnome 3.8RESOLVED
658P3Nick BlackWorldPackage cinepaintRESOLVED
669P3Nick BlackWorld-KDEPackage QT5RESOLVED
670P3Nick BlackWorld-KDERebuild lightdm with QT5 supportRESOLVED
672P3Nick BlackWorldtracker 0.15.3 doesn't build using current libgeeRESOLVED
676P3Nick BlackWorldPossibly broken boost1.52-python package keeps us from building libtorrent-rasterbarRESOLVED
677P3Nick BlackWorldPossibly missing files from IlmBase; can't build openexr 2.0.0RESOLVED
689P3Nick BlackWorld-KDEakonadi-dev missing Akonadi/RecursiveItemFetchJobRESOLVED
690P3Nick BlackWorld-KDEQUiLoader implementation missingRESOLVED
696P3Nick BlackWorldpython-rdflib is broken due to missing isodateRESOLVED
714P3Nick BlackWorld-KDEkde4libs can't find hupnpRESOLVED
528P4Nick BlackWorldgnome-session-properties man page references gnome-session-saveRESOLVED
612P4Nick BlackWorld-GNOMEpackage gearyRESOLVED
616P4Nick BlackWorldpackage up Field3DRESOLVED

Closed bugs

IDPStatusAssigneeComponentSummary (65 tasks) Status
388P1RESOLVEDNick BlackInstallerUTF8 console fonts are broken on newly installed machinesRESOLVED
617P1RESOLVEDNick BlackWorldimagemagick++ has broken pkg-config depRESOLVED
635P1RESOLVEDNick BlackRaptorialParse packages lists in parallelRESOLVED
639P1RESOLVEDNick BlackWorldresolvconf isn't started by systemdRESOLVED
671P1RESOLVEDNick BlackRaptorialproperly divide chunks up among threadsRESOLVED
675P1RESOLVEDNick BlackWorldluatex package missing binariesRESOLVED
681P1RESOLVEDNick BlackRaptorialBuild DFA for matching against list of package regexesRESOLVED
702P1RESOLVEDNick BlackRaptorialrapt-show-versions in filtered mode shows everything as uninstalledRESOLVED
705P1RESOLVEDNick BlackRaptorialneed a character-skipping matching algorithmRESOLVED
710P1RESOLVEDNick BlackWorlddpkg installs packages, but considers them uninstalledRESOLVED
603P2RESOLVEDNick BlackWorldget mesa 9.0.2 packagedRESOLVED
620P2VERIFIEDNick BlackGrowlightshow an explanatory screen when started in target modeVERIFIED
625P2RESOLVEDNick BlackWorldNeed an unbound.serviceRESOLVED
627P2RESOLVEDNick BlackWorldapache 2.4 doesn't startRESOLVED
655P2RESOLVEDNick BlackWorldbuild and package automake 1.13RESOLVED
665P2RESOLVEDNick BlackWorld-KDEpackage libgds for qt5RESOLVED
666P2VERIFIEDNick BlackWorld-GNOMENeed build GTK+2 >= 2.24.15VERIFIED
674P2RESOLVEDNick BlackRaptorialNeed track different distributions and keep package lists distinctRESOLVED
683P2RESOLVEDNick BlackWorld-X.orgBusted gtkglext wants missing symbolsRESOLVED
692P2RESOLVEDNick BlackRaptorialrapt-slow-versions: regression when machine is under heavy loadRESOLVED
715P2RESOLVEDNick BlackWorldinvalid symlinks in libmagickcore-devRESOLVED
435P3RESOLVEDNick BlackInstallerrun gpm by defaultRESOLVED
444P3RESOLVEDNick BlackWorldgrub colors in installation are different from installerRESOLVED
530P3RESOLVEDNick BlackWorldneed rebuild smb against new ldapRESOLVED
539P3RESOLVEDNick BlackWorldpackage apache 2.4RESOLVED
563P3RESOLVEDNick BlackWorldbinutils 2.23 can't build webkitRESOLVED
566P3RESOLVEDNick BlackWorldpackage openimageio 1.1.2RESOLVED
576P3RESOLVEDNick BlackWorld-X.orgpackage opengtlRESOLVED
584P3RESOLVEDNick BlackWorld-KDEGet KDE runtime and workspaces upgraded to 4.9.5RESOLVED
594P3RESOLVEDNick BlackGrowlightwiping filesystems doesn't work when they're outside a partitionRESOLVED
602P3RESOLVEDNick BlackWorldget perl 5.16 packagedRESOLVED
604P3RESOLVEDNick BlackWorldpackage gdb 7.5RESOLVED
606P3RESOLVEDNick BlackWorldNeed rebuild net-snmp against perl 5.16RESOLVED
607P3RESOLVEDNick BlackWorldRebuild hplip against perl 5.16RESOLVED
609P3RESOLVEDNick BlackGrowlightwiping the mbr isn't reflected in the guiRESOLVED
619P3RESOLVEDNick BlackWorldCan't build against OpenEXR/ImapRoot.h without -I/usr/include/OpenEXRRESOLVED
624P3RESOLVEDNick BlackWorldPackage ffmpeg in addition to libavRESOLVED
633P3RESOLVEDNick BlackWorldgpm needs a systemd unitRESOLVED
641P3RESOLVEDNick BlackWorldCan't build haskell-transformers-compat 0.1RESOLVED
642P3RESOLVEDNick BlackGrowlightcoredump when setting BIOS partition activeRESOLVED
645P3RESOLVEDNick BlackWorldDon't run rpcbind by defaultRESOLVED
646P3RESOLVEDNick BlackWorldNTP isn't being launched by systemdRESOLVED
651P3RESOLVEDNick BlackWorld-KDEneed nepomukwidgetsRESOLVED
653P3RESOLVEDNick BlackWorld-GNOMEbuild and package gnome 3.8RESOLVED
658P3RESOLVEDNick BlackWorldPackage cinepaintRESOLVED
659P3RESOLVEDNick BlackWorld-X.orgpackage oyranos and use it to build cinepaintRESOLVED
670P3RESOLVEDNick BlackWorld-KDERebuild lightdm with QT5 supportRESOLVED
672P3RESOLVEDNick BlackWorldtracker 0.15.3 doesn't build using current libgeeRESOLVED
676P3RESOLVEDNick BlackWorldPossibly broken boost1.52-python package keeps us from building libtorrent-rasterbarRESOLVED
677P3RESOLVEDNick BlackWorldPossibly missing files from IlmBase; can't build openexr 2.0.0RESOLVED
684P3RESOLVEDNick BlackWorld-X.orgCan't build Calibre >= 0.9.22RESOLVED
687P3RESOLVEDNick BlackRaptorialrapt-show-versions: Show distribution from which installed packages originateRESOLVED
689P3RESOLVEDNick BlackWorld-KDEakonadi-dev missing Akonadi/RecursiveItemFetchJobRESOLVED
690P3RESOLVEDNick BlackWorld-KDEQUiLoader implementation missingRESOLVED
696P3RESOLVEDNick BlackWorldpython-rdflib is broken due to missing isodateRESOLVED
697P3RESOLVEDNick BlackRaptorialreplace linked lists in pkglist objects with DFAsRESOLVED
714P3RESOLVEDNick BlackWorld-KDEkde4libs can't find hupnpRESOLVED
719P3RESOLVEDNick BlackRaptorialfailure parsing hplip changelogRESOLVED
371P4RESOLVEDNick BlackInstallerrun dnsmasq as a local dns cache by defaultRESOLVED
528P4RESOLVEDNick BlackWorldgnome-session-properties man page references gnome-session-saveRESOLVED
612P4RESOLVEDNick BlackWorld-GNOMEpackage gearyRESOLVED
616P4RESOLVEDNick BlackWorldpackage up Field3DRESOLVED
704P4RESOLVEDNick BlackRaptorialraptorial-file is printing duplicatesRESOLVED
145P5RESOLVEDNick BlackInstallerget rid of prompt to install usb-storage moduleRESOLVED