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SprezzOS 0
Alan Turing photo.jpg
Alan Mathison Turing
Previous release: SprezzOS -1
Next release: SprezzOS 1

SprezzOS 0 ("Turing") is the first official SprezzOS release. It shipped 2012-10-08. It was followed by SprezzOS 1, "von Neumann".

Changes since release

  • GNOME has been upgraded to 3.6 from 3.4
  • Curl has been upgraded
  • Kernel has been upgraded to 3.6.1 from 3.6.0
  • Cairo has been upgraded to 1.12.4 from 1.12.2
  • Mesa has been upgraded to 9.0.1 from 8.0.4
    • Wayland support has been disabled in Mesa
    • Nouveau support has been enabled in Mesa
    • Static binaries are no longer shipped with Mesa

Release Notes

  • UEFI support is incomplete and experimental. You are encouraged to report on your experiences with it.
  • ZFS support is incomplete and experimental. You are encouraged to report on your experiences with it.
  • There are not yet DKMS packages for SPL/ZFS
    • UPDATE There are now (see), but they are not installed by default
    • If you rebuild your kernel, and are making use of ZFS, you'll need rebuild the modules yourself.
  • ZFS vdevs are not detected as such, even though the ZFS zpools of which they are part are detected.
    • Be careful not to create filesystems on such vdevs, nor add them to aggregates.

Bugs closed by this release

IDPAssigneeComponentSummary (195 tasks) Status
190P1Nick BlackGrowlightGPT calculations using wrong sizeRESOLVED
284P1Nick BlackGrowlightdevice used in dm device is not shown as its own entityRESOLVED
356P1Nick BlackGrowlightuses of readdir() need be replaced with readdir_r()RESOLVED
381P1Nick BlackGrowlightcan't create partitions on md devicesRESOLVED
92P2Nick BlackGrowlightneed to import inactive zpools, or at least list them to be importedRESOLVED
103P2Nick BlackGrowlightdetermine adapters' transport capacityRESOLVED
174P2Nick BlackGrowlightbrowsing to last selection on adapter breaks uiRESOLVED
188P2Nick BlackGrowlightpartitions need be selectable in curses uiRESOLVED
196P2Nick BlackGrowlightcreating a gpt partition table requires a rescan before blockdev is usableRESOLVED
198P2Nick BlackGrowlightimplement type to GPT type GUID mappingsRESOLVED
201P2Nick BlackGrowlighttrack multiple mount locations for a single deviceRESOLVED
204P2Nick BlackGrowlightrescan_device() invalidates various references and dataRESOLVED
206P2Nick BlackGrowlighticonv wchar_t to utf16le conversion doesn't work in installer environmentRESOLVED
217P2Nick BlackGrowlightadapter expands to include empty space upon partition table creationRESOLVED
264P2Nick BlackGrowlightneed be able to scroll selection widgetsRESOLVED
267P2Nick BlackGrowlightneed read gpt type guids from gpt partition entriesRESOLVED
275P2Nick BlackGrowlightsupport zpool creationRESOLVED
302P2Nick BlackGrowlightblock probe fails on successfully-created partitionRESOLVED
304P2Nick BlackGrowlightsemi-regular lockups on exitRESOLVED
305P2Nick BlackGrowlightunsetting a target crashesRESOLVED
312P2Nick BlackGrowlightselections in multiform are applied to one item below actual selectionRESOLVED
313P2Nick BlackGrowlightSplash screen for aggregate creationRESOLVED
319P2Nick BlackGrowlightshow /dev/disk/by-path names in aggregate creationRESOLVED
336P2Nick BlackGrowlightimplement zpool creation backendRESOLVED
368P2Nick BlackGrowlightneed a way to set up swap in growlight-cursesRESOLVED
386P2Nick BlackGrowlightmount/unmount target/untarget don't update the mounts subdisplayRESOLVED
405P2Nick BlackGrowlightneed a checkbox collection widgetRESOLVED
409P2Nick BlackGrowlightyank bphat patch for 0.0.0RESOLVED
428P2Nick BlackGrowlightcrash when attempting to remove filesystem signature from empty spaceRESOLVED
94P3Nick BlackGrowlightprotect against race condition when naming new partitionRESOLVED
104P3Nick BlackGrowlightadd support for making machine UEFI-bootableRESOLVED
110P3Nick BlackGrowlightdeal with premounted targetRESOLVED
117P3Nick BlackGrowlightneed an ncurses fullscreen growlight uiRESOLVED
119P3Nick BlackGrowlightparse /proc/swaps to get priority and true sizeRESOLVED
120P3Nick BlackGrowlightprovide better device-mapper supportRESOLVED
142P3Nick BlackGrowlightDisplay partition, filesystem and mount info in ncurses UIRESOLVED
143P3Nick BlackGrowlightReflect device removal in ncurses UIRESOLVED
146P3Nick BlackGrowlightzfs filesystems aren't linked to containing zpoolsRESOLVED
147P3Nick BlackGrowlightzfs mount options aren't picked upRESOLVED
148P3Nick BlackGrowlightdisplay names properly for zfs datasetsRESOLVED
149P3Nick BlackGrowlightdevices displayed twiceRESOLVED
150P3Nick BlackGrowlightmount options can break beyond curses UI windowsRESOLVED
151P3Nick BlackGrowlightreadline UI tokenizer is whitespace sensitiveRESOLVED
152P3Nick BlackGrowlightfill in details window when enabledRESOLVED
157P3Nick BlackGrowlightreduce startup timeRESOLVED
158P3Nick BlackGrowlightui assertion moving up through interfaces with help window openRESOLVED
161P3Nick BlackGrowlightgrowlight segfaults in installerRESOLVED
162P3Nick BlackGrowlightimplement diagnostics subwindowRESOLVED
163P3Nick BlackGrowlightnull options displayed for unmounted zfs datasetsRESOLVED
164P3Nick BlackGrowlightzpools show up in readline UI's fs listRESOLVED
166P3Nick BlackGrowlightsupport browsing within adaptersRESOLVED
167P3Nick BlackGrowlightimplement blockdev commands in curses UIRESOLVED
170P3Nick BlackGrowlightget SMART statusRESOLVED
172P3Nick BlackGrowlightslow startupRESOLVED
173P3Nick BlackGrowlighttop partials not always filled inRESOLVED
175P3Nick BlackGrowlightgrowlight won't start if a device is mounted two placesRESOLVED
179P3Nick BlackGrowlightGet message about "can't find /sys/class/block/udev" on laptopRESOLVED
180P3Nick BlackGrowlightBringing up diagnostics subwindow cores outRESOLVED
181P3Nick BlackGrowlightWrong diagnostics shown in "diags x" outputRESOLVED
182P3Nick BlackGrowlightselection ought only apply to one entity, not a blockdevRESOLVED
183P3Nick BlackGrowlightimplement partition commands in curses uiRESOLVED
184P3Nick BlackGrowlightgrowlight can't run in installer's debconf environmentRESOLVED
187P3Nick BlackGrowlighteliminate dep on gdiskRESOLVED
189P3Nick BlackGrowlightcheck health status of zpool before other attributesRESOLVED
191P3Nick BlackGrowlightweird output + missing device when mdadm has a failed componentRESOLVED
192P3Nick BlackGrowlightproperly write out GPT backupsRESOLVED
197P3Nick BlackGrowlightgrowlight-tty does a carriage return after 40 characters of input or soRESOLVED
199P3Nick BlackGrowlightUse better default alignment for new partitionsRESOLVED
202P3Nick BlackGrowlightadapt new partition parameters to the current state of the diskRESOLVED
205P3Nick BlackGrowlightblock device dropped from blockdev output upon partition table removalRESOLVED
208P3Nick BlackGrowlightmake help context-sensitive based on selectionRESOLVED
209P3Nick BlackGrowlightorient block devices horizontally in ncurses UIRESOLVED
210P3Nick BlackGrowlightexplicitly show unused space in partition displaysRESOLVED
211P3Nick BlackGrowlightlist partitions in on-disk orderRESOLVED
212P3Nick BlackGrowlightallow sizes to be entered as percentagesRESOLVED
215P3Nick BlackGrowlightoptical drive reports logical sector size of 0, despite 2048 in lsblk -tRESOLVED
216P3Nick BlackGrowlightreport scheduler in use for each deviceRESOLVED
218P3Nick BlackGrowlightdos partition tables cannot be removedRESOLVED
221P3Nick BlackGrowlightconfirm destructive operations before performing themRESOLVED
223P3Nick BlackGrowlightimplement fs commands in curses UIRESOLVED
225P3Nick BlackGrowlightoptical drive without disk shows all empty spaceRESOLVED
226P3Nick BlackGrowlightfill out details window with more infoRESOLVED
228P3Nick BlackGrowlightshow only those partition types valid for the current partition tableRESOLVED
232P3Nick BlackGrowlightallow filesystem type to be selected via formRESOLVED
233P3Nick BlackGrowlightprovide filesystem descriptionsRESOLVED
234P3Nick BlackGrowlightdon't provide names for partition types which don't support themRESOLVED
235P3Nick BlackGrowlightneed a string input widgetRESOLVED
236P3Nick BlackGrowlightgrowlight doesn't start when file-backed swap is in useRESOLVED
237P3Nick BlackGrowlightpartition tables are rendered as empty spaceRESOLVED
238P3Nick BlackGrowlightimplement target and map commands in curses UIRESOLVED
239P3Nick BlackGrowlightcurses diags get cut off earlyRESOLVED
240P3Nick BlackGrowlightsubprograms generate output to stderrRESOLVED
242P3Nick BlackGrowlightdeal with preexisting target submountsRESOLVED
243P3Nick BlackGrowlightfail to detect size of unmounted filesystemsRESOLVED
244P3Nick BlackGrowlightoption selection widget needs to conform to screen geometryRESOLVED
246P3Nick BlackGrowlightwarn about misaligned partitionsRESOLVED
247P3Nick BlackGrowlightimplement filesystem wipeRESOLVED
248P3Nick BlackGrowlightimprove use of horizontal space in blockbarsRESOLVED
251P3Nick BlackGrowlightbackspace broken for multibyte characters in string input widgetRESOLVED
253P3Nick BlackGrowlightinfer filesystem type for mount/target mountRESOLVED
Warnings were generated during the execution of function
  1. Report truncated - count greater than max allowed 101 > 100
IDPAssigneeComponentSummary (20 tasks) Status
134P2Nick BlackWorldrebuild libfreetype-2.4.9 against infinality 06-16VERIFIED
137P2Nick BlackWorldneed be able to build worldRESOLVED
138P2Nick BlackWorldneed be able to pull worldRESOLVED
375P2Nick BlackWorldsystemd isn't building from worldRESOLVED
420P2Nick BlackWorldpackage harfbuzz not less than 0.94RESOLVED
421P2Nick BlackWorldneed update glib to 2.33RESOLVED
433P2Nick BlackWorldamd-microcode stomps on firmware-allRESOLVED
136P3Nick BlackWorldgrub on target doesn't get configured with our snazzy theming etcRESOLVED
156P3Nick BlackWorldzfs binaries missing from packagesRESOLVED
278P3Nick BlackWorldpackage apitraceRESOLVED
373P3Nick BlackWorldremove tcpwrappers from major packagesRESOLVED
398P3Nick BlackWorldlibpng15 sets up links incorrectlyVERIFIED
401P3Nick BlackWorldlibpng15 writes invalid shlibs fileRESOLVED
417P3Nick BlackWorldgenerate an xmlstarlet udebRESOLVED
418P3Nick BlackWorldcairo-dev ought dep on libx11-xcb-devRESOLVED
424P3Nick BlackWorldlots of fontconfig warnings on infinality content using fontconfig 2.10.1-SprezzOS3RESOLVED
432P3Nick BlackWorldpackage f2fs-tools-udebRESOLVED
436P3Nick BlackWorldnvidia-kernel-dkms is grabbing old kernel headerRESOLVED
438P3Nick BlackWorldmesa 9 wants libdrm-nouveau to buildRESOLVED
439P4Nick BlackWorldWhat's going on with package "sprezzatech-aptkey"RESOLVED

IDPAssigneeComponentSummary (31 tasks) Status
144P1Nick BlackInstallerinstaller asks for cd to be reinsertedVERIFIED
229P1Nick BlackInstallerneed iconv in libc6-udebRESOLVED
89P2Nick BlackInstallerreplace partman with growlight in installerRESOLVED
177P2Nick BlackInstallerkernel modules aren't present on cdRESOLVED
289P2Nick BlackInstallergrub-efi binaries aren't present on the cdRESOLVED
337P2Nick BlackInstallerimplement md-based creation backendsRESOLVED
12P3Nick BlackInstallerFonts in installer and bootloader are uglyRESOLVED
51P3Nick BlackKernelremove generated files from kernel configRESOLVED
124P3Nick BlackInstallerremove option to install lilo from main menuRESOLVED
125P3Nick BlackInstallerreplace GRUB install step in main menu with growlightRESOLVED
126P3Nick BlackInstallerdisplay logo in installerRESOLVED
127P3Nick BlackInstallerpull spl/zfs out of Sprezzos repoRESOLVED
129P3Nick BlackInstallercan't run graphical installer from USBRESOLVED
140P3Nick BlackInstallerinstall microcode updates by defaultRESOLVED
141P3Nick BlackInstallerembed non-free firmware into installer imageRESOLVED
153P3Nick BlackInstallergrub-pc setup locks up in osproberRESOLVED
154P3Nick BlackKernelprefer closed-source nvidia driver to nouveauRESOLVED
178P3Nick BlackKernelUpgrade to 3.4.5 kernelRESOLVED
186P3Nick BlackInstallerensure openvt() and chvt() are present in installer, and workRESOLVED
207P3Nick BlackKernelupdate to 3.5.0 kernelRESOLVED
213P3Nick BlackInstallerwant Solarized or Tango palette in installerRESOLVED
214P3Nick BlackInstallerinstaller console font doesn't include growlight-curses corner glyphsRESOLVED
220P3Nick BlackInstallermkfs variants are missing from cdRESOLVED
241P3Nick BlackInstallerneed send BLKPG when we update partition tableRESOLVED
268P3Nick BlackInstallerneed mkfs.vfat in installerRESOLVED
340P3Nick BlackInstallermd modules need be loaded to create md devicesVERIFIED
374P3Nick BlackKerneldrop floppy support by defaultRESOLVED
392P3Nick BlackInstallerneed an hfsutils-udeb to create hfs+/hfs at install timeRESOLVED
4P4Nick BlackInstallerMinimize zfs/spl udebsRESOLVED
10P4Nick BlackInstallerFWTS boot option doesn't work on installer ISORESOLVED
372P4Nick BlackInstallerrun dnsmasq as a local dns cache by defaultRESOLVED