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SprezzOS 1
Previous release: SprezzOS 0
Next release: SprezzOS 2

The "von Neumann" release is the first mainstream, supported release of SprezzOS. It was released 2013-01-13, after being initially scheduled for release 2012-12-28.

Download the current SprezzOS 1-series ISO (1.1.1) here.

The next epoch of SprezzOS development will yield SprezzOS 2, "Kolmogorov".

...and of course there's a release video, "Orcas on Segways".

This Google+ album walks through use of Growlight in an install.

Release Notes

  • The current installer version is 1.1.1.
    • There is one known critical issue in this version:
      390P2CONFIRMEDcritical0.0.0-betaSprezzOSsemi-prevalent usb keyboard failures in installer 
There is no known workaround for 390 save using other hardware.
  • SWOON 2013-01-30 has some relevant information about 1.0.3
  • As of SprezzOS 1's release, there were 5525 packages in the SprezzOS repositories.
  • 108 filed bugs were resolved in this development cycle.
  • Previous SprezzOS 1 installers are strongly deprecated by 1.1.1.

Major changes since SprezzOS 0

  • The Linux kernel has been upgraded to version 3.7.5
  • GRUB has been updated from 1.99 to 2.
  • EGLIBC 2.13 has been replaced with GNU libc 2.16
  • Systemd 197 has replaced sysvinit
    • biosdevname is now used to initially name network devices based off DMI
  • Perl has been updated to 5.16 from 5.14
    • A great many packages have been rebuilt
    • Many remain to be rebuilt; this is proceeding forthrightly
  • PulseAudio has been upgraded from 2.0 to 3.0
  • WPAsupplicant has been upgraded from 1.1 to 2.0
  • libjpeg has gone from soname 8 to 9
  • KDE has been upgraded from 4.8.4 to 4.9.5
  • Ubuntu's Unity and its subcomponents have been packaged
  • Mint's Cinnamon and its subcomponents have been packaged
  • Enlightenment 17 (E17) and its subcomponents have been packaged
  • cairo-dock and avant-window-navigator have been brought up-to-date with the ecosystem and repackaged
  • XFCE packages have been updated to 4.10 where possible
  • XBMC 12 rc3 has been packaged
  • Python 3.3 has been introduced
  • LLVM and Clang 3.2 have been introduced

Release Goals

Major goal Associated bug(s)
Move from sysvinit to systemd.
IDPStatusSeverityVersionProductSummary (6 tasks)  
506P1RESOLVEDblocker0.0.0 (Turing)SprezzOSudev script is broken under systemd 
364P2RESOLVEDmajor0.0.0 (Turing)SprezzOSmove to systemd by default, replacing sysvinit 
375P2RESOLVEDnormal0.0.0-betaSprezzOSsystemd isn't building from world 
509P2RESOLVEDcritical0.0.0 (Turing)SprezzOSsystemd doesn't populate /run with necessary directories 
511P2RESOLVEDnormal0.0.0 (Turing)SprezzOSsystemd doesn't create /run/screen 
512P3CONFIRMEDnormal0.0.0 (Turing)SprezzOSsystemd doesn't start mpd 
Become self-hosting (build our own versions of all Essential/Required packages, and all packages used in the installer).
IDPStatusSeverityVersionProductSummary (4 tasks)  
466P1RESOLVEDcritical0.0.0 (Turing)SprezzOSfirmware-all package has firmware-none 
491P2RESOLVEDminor0.0.0 (Turing)SprezzOSpackage pulseaudio 2.1 
231P3RESOLVEDcritical0.0.0 (Turing)SprezzOSspl- and zfs-kernel-dkms packages aren't installable 
249P4RESOLVEDmajor0.0.0 (Turing)SprezzOSpackage our own libc 
Get installer working without intervention on most mainstream hardware.
IDPStatusSeverityVersionProductSummary (5 tasks)  
565P1RESOLVEDblocker0.0.0 (Turing)SprezzOSInstaller doesn't progress into main sequence, complaining about no /dev/fb0 
499P1VERIFIEDblocker0.0.0 (Turing)SprezzOSdisplay is fucked across broad swath of installer scenarios 
344P2CONFIRMEDmajor0.0.0 (Turing)SprezzOSgrowlight-installed UEFI systems won't boot tianocore 
390P2CONFIRMEDcritical0.0.0-betaSprezzOSsemi-prevalent usb keyboard failures in installer 
477P3CONFIRMEDcritical0.0.0 (Turing)SprezzOSneed install utility packs appropriate to targeted filesystems 

Open bugs

IDPAssigneeComponentSummary (20 tasks) Status
599P1Nick BlackInstallergrowlight's initramfs config gets blown away by installerCONFIRMED
718P1Nick BlackWorld-KDEkdelibs-bin needs to dep on kdelibs5-devCONFIRMED
11P2Nick BlackInstallerGRUB boot options fail under UEFI configurationsCONFIRMED
390P2Nick BlackKernelsemi-prevalent usb keyboard failures in installerCONFIRMED
601P2Nick BlackWorlddependency loop in nfs-common and friendsCONFIRMED
598P3Nick BlackGrowlightgrowlight's /etc/fstab gets blown away by debian-installerCONFIRMED
611P3Nick BlackWorldsystemd needs a "lock" groupCONFIRMED
622P3Nick BlackWorldcron needs systemd supportCONFIRMED
626P3Nick BlackWorldNeed an nscd.service systemd unitCONFIRMED
630P3Nick BlackWorldCan't build vim-nox against new perlCONFIRMED
656P3Nick BlackGrowlightConsole does not work after switching to tty? and backCONFIRMED
657P3Nick BlackWorldpackage virtualbox 4.2.8 (needs i686 package ia32-libs)CONFIRMED
660P3Nick BlackWorld-KDEpackage tupi (successor to ktoon, it appears)CONFIRMED
663P3Nick BlackWorldpackage qmi-glib for modemmanagerCONFIRMED
667P3Nick BlackWorldgai.conf is now in manpages, needs come out of libc-binCONFIRMED
668P3Nick BlackWorldcamlimages needs to be ported to png15CONFIRMED
688P3Nick BlackWorldxmms2.pc not provided by any packageCONFIRMED
693P3Nick BlackWorldNeed ifup@.service / ifupdown-clean.service systemd unitsCONFIRMED
695P3Nick BlackWorldpython-rdflib is broken due to missing isodateCONFIRMED
700P3Nick BlackWorld-X.orgpackage autorandrCONFIRMED

Closed bugs

Kernel and Installer

IDPAssigneeComponentSummary (26 tasks) Status
466P1Nick BlackKernelfirmware-all package has firmware-noneRESOLVED
471P1Nick BlackInstallerinstall linux-amd64 rather than some specific version of the kernelRESOLVED
499P1Nick BlackInstallerdisplay is fucked across broad swath of installer scenariosVERIFIED
503P1Nick BlackKernel3.6.6 breaks kernel-wedgeRESOLVED
515P1Nick BlackInstallerudev-udeb needs a copy of udevdRESOLVED
519P1Nick BlackInstallerbasic device nodes aren't being created in the installer bootRESOLVED
535P1Nick BlackInstallersteal-ctty complains about nonexisting device; installer haltsRESOLVED
555P1Nick BlackKernelreplace cpufreqinfo with cpupowerRESOLVED
565P1Nick BlackInstallerInstaller doesn't progress into main sequence, complaining about no /dev/fb0RESOLVED
568P1Nick BlackInstallermore device nodes aren't being created in the installer bootRESOLVED
586P1Nick BlackInstallerinstaller halts during package install due to libudev1 not being installedRESOLVED
588P1Nick BlackInstallergrub doesn't seem to be installed correctlyRESOLVED
589P1Nick BlackInstallericonv() fails during GPT partition namingRESOLVED
595P1Nick BlackKernelinitramfs doesn't load disk controller modulesRESOLVED
600P1Nick BlackInstallerinstaller writes old-style network device names to /etc/network/interfacesRESOLVED
613P1Nick BlackInstallerneed a biosdevname udebRESOLVED
648P1Nick BlackInstallerInstaller sets up machine using debian's wheezy repositoryVERIFIED
717P1Nick BlackInstallergrub fails in installerRESOLVED
345P2Nick BlackInstallerwipefs missing from installer cdRESOLVED
408P2Nick BlackKernelcan't build zfs against 3.6.0RESOLVED
514P2Nick BlackInstallerudev-udeb-195 is missing start-udev scriptRESOLVED
591P2Nick BlackInstallerpackage installation step fails at the endVERIFIED
592P2Nick BlackInstallerinstaller gives bogus kernel choicesRESOLVED
230P3Nick BlackKernelzfs-kernel-dkms needs dep on spl-kernel-dkmsRESOLVED
231P3Nick BlackKernelspl- and zfs-kernel-dkms packages aren't installableRESOLVED
593P3Nick BlackInstallerinstalling systemd-sysv breaks sysv-rcRESOLVED


IDPAssigneeComponentSummary (22 tasks) Status
442P1Nick BlackGrowlightgrowlight isn't writing /etc/fstab out properlyRESOLVED
462P1Nick BlackGrowlightcrash creating gpt partition on flashRESOLVED
496P1Nick BlackGrowlightgrowlight partition/filesystem spec semantics differ from documentationRESOLVED
497P2Nick BlackGrowlightSuggest operation to perform when desired operation is contraindicatedRESOLVED
165P3Nick BlackGrowlightgrab adapter firmware and bios versionsVERIFIED
257P3Nick BlackGrowlightadd a slider-based control for parrtition/filesystem sizingRESOLVED
261P3Nick BlackGrowlightneed some kind of progress indicator for subtasks, or run them in the background with notificationRESOLVED
274P3Nick BlackGrowlightoffer to make filesystem in newly created partitionsRESOLVED
353P3Nick BlackGrowlightcollect and report NUMA node association of devicesRESOLVED
360P3Nick BlackGrowlightsupport creation of apple partition mapsRESOLVED
376P3Nick BlackGrowlightreplace openssl with gnutls due to licensing issuesRESOLVED
379P3Nick BlackGrowlightgroup aggregate selections by sizeRESOLVED
380P3Nick BlackGrowlightpossible race in device detectionRESOLVED
393P3Nick BlackGrowlightinvestigate removal of libblkidRESOLVED
443P3Nick BlackGrowlightdisplay fstab to be written in mount details subdisplayRESOLVED
457P3Nick BlackGrowlightcreating an APM changes the palette and doesn't work anywayRESOLVED
643P3Nick BlackGrowlightset dos partition flag display is uglyRESOLVED
644P3Nick BlackGrowlightgrowlight needs be able to build against gnutls to go into debianRESOLVED
721P3Nick BlackGrowlightget temperature/SMART status of NVMe devicesRESOLVED
99P4Nick BlackGrowlightadd global bus reset capabilityRESOLVED
414P4Nick BlackGrowlightafter creating partition table, select empty spaceRESOLVED
101P5Nick BlackGrowlightought be using libzfs_CFLAGS and libzfs_LDFLAGS not CFLAGSRESOLVED


IDPAssigneeComponentSummary (84 tasks) Status
441P1Nick BlackWorldsensible aptitude defaultsRESOLVED
468P1Nick BlackWorlddisable password-based auth in openssh by defaultRESOLVED
490P1Nick BlackWorldbring back a minimal libpam-sshRESOLVED
494P1Nick BlackWorldless prints annoying warning when invoked by man(1)RESOLVED
505P1Nick BlackWorldudev-195 install breaks on postinst calls to invoke-rc.d and update-rc.dRESOLVED
506P1Nick BlackWorldudev script is broken under systemdRESOLVED
521P1Nick BlackWorldOpenCV is missing libopencv_stitching.soRESOLVED
561P1Nick BlackWorldewebkit installs unreadable filesRESOLVED
610P1Nick BlackWorldneed a systemd /run/network tmpfileRESOLVED
364P2Nick BlackWorldmove to systemd by default, replacing sysvinitRESOLVED
482P2Nick BlackWorldpackage enlightenment 1.7.1 (E17)RESOLVED
491P2Nick BlackWorldpackage pulseaudio 2.1RESOLVED
498P2Nick BlackWorlditstool fails with python-libxml2 2.9.0-SprezzOS1RESOLVED
507P2Nick BlackWorldsystemd needs to conflict with rsyslogRESOLVED
509P2Nick BlackWorldsystemd doesn't populate /run with necessary directoriesRESOLVED
510P2Nick BlackWorldsystemd doesn't assemble mdadm devices using /etc/init.d/mdadm-raidRESOLVED
511P2Nick BlackWorldsystemd doesn't create /run/screenRESOLVED
520P2Nick BlackWorldlibtasn3 (minor 6) causes problems throughout the treeRESOLVED
529P2Nick BlackWorldupdate and rebuild libcupsfiltersRESOLVED
537P2Nick BlackWorldXFIXES extension not foundVERIFIED
546P2Nick BlackWorldpackage despotifyRESOLVED
549P2Nick BlackWorldmissing libpeas typelib fileRESOLVED
557P2Nick BlackWorldpackage opencolorIORESOLVED
171P3Nick BlackWorldget compiz 0.9.8 packaged and track ubuntuRESOLVED
346P3Nick BlackWorldpackage sick-beardRESOLVED
347P3Nick BlackWorldpackage avxsynth (linux avisynth)RESOLVED
391P3Nick BlackWorldremove selinux from major packagesRESOLVED
397P3Nick BlackWorldbuild libskia packageRESOLVED
399P3Nick BlackWorldupdate to a 3.6-series gtk+3RESOLVED
406P3Nick BlackWorlduse uscan --force-download to pull upstreamRESOLVED
445P3Nick BlackWorldget cheese rebuilt against gnome-3.6VERIFIED
446P3Nick BlackWorldneed clutter-gtk-2 packageRESOLVED
447P3Nick BlackWorldpackage opencv 2.4RESOLVED
448P3Nick BlackWorldgdkpixmap headers missing from gtk3RESOLVED
454P3Nick BlackWorldcairo-dev ought dep on glRESOLVED
458P3Nick BlackWorldgnome-tweak-tool needs dep on gir1.2-gnomedesktop-3.0RESOLVED
459P3Nick BlackWorldgnome-contacts needs org.freedesktop.folks settings schemaVERIFIED
460P3Nick BlackWorldkill esound deps in major packagesRESOLVED
467P3Nick BlackWorldconverge on gnutls 3.1+RESOLVED
473P3Nick BlackWorldcan't build against libjpeg8RESOLVED
474P3Nick BlackWorldmove nouveau2 back to nouveau1aRESOLVED
475P3Nick BlackWorldPackage CUDA 5RESOLVED
479P3Nick BlackWorldPackage libmash 0.2VERIFIED
480P3Nick BlackWorldPackage gnome-color-manager 3.6.0 with 3D supportRESOLVED
481P3Nick BlackWorldGTK+3 themes seem brokenRESOLVED
487P3Nick BlackWorldgdbus-codegen is looking for python codegen module in the wrong placeRESOLVED
493P3Nick BlackWorldrebuild iproute2 with CoDel support in tcRESOLVED
500P3Nick BlackWorldhandbrake complains about missing gvfs directoryRESOLVED
501P3Nick BlackWorldedisplay is broken by new evasRESOLVED
502P3Nick BlackWorldupdate to new exactimage 0.8.7RESOLVED
508P3Nick BlackWorldcan't install libudev0 packageRESOLVED
513P3Nick BlackWorldenable missing mpd featuresRESOLVED
517P3Nick BlackWorldps2pdf is failing inside of inkscapeRESOLVED
522P3Nick BlackWorldrebuild openldap against new gnutlsRESOLVED
523P3Nick BlackWorldlibgs9-common (ghostscript) is missing usr/share/ghostscript/9.06/*RESOLVED
524P3Nick BlackWorldlibglapi.so is in the wrong packageRESOLVED
526P3Nick BlackWorldupgrade all users of gnutls26 to gnutls28RESOLVED
527P3Nick BlackWorldlibecore wayland target wants xkbcommon.pcRESOLVED
534P3Nick BlackWorldrebuild ptlib with ipv6 supportRESOLVED
542P3Nick BlackWorldpackage darktable RAW editing programRESOLVED
544P3Nick BlackWorldlsb-release -i / -a display debianRESOLVED
545P3Nick BlackWorldbase-files isn't setting the vendor origin to sprezzatechRESOLVED
547P3Nick BlackWorldpolkitd user needs be created in policykit installationRESOLVED
550P3Nick BlackWorldcan't provide input to terminologyRESOLVED
553P3Nick BlackWorldlibjpeg8-dev doesn't provide .soRESOLVED
558P3Nick BlackWorld-KDEpython-qt apps refuse to startRESOLVED
560P3Nick BlackWorldsoftware-properties-gtk fails with no distribution templateRESOLVED
567P3Nick BlackWorld-KDEpyqt4 wants sip api 8.1RESOLVED
570P3Nick BlackWorld-GNOMEneed both libvte28 and libvte32RESOLVED
571P3Nick BlackWorldmissing opencv-photo.soRESOLVED
572P3Nick BlackWorld-KDEBuild digikam 2.90RESOLVED
574P3Nick BlackWorldlibSDL_image is broken due to missing webp referencesRESOLVED
577P3Nick BlackWorld-KDEcan't build against nepomukRESOLVED
578P3Nick BlackWorld-KDEMissing libokteta1gui2 packageRESOLVED
579P3Nick BlackWorld-KDEmissing file bytearrayviewprofilemanager.h from kdesdk5VERIFIED
596P3Nick BlackWorldnetwork isn't brought up by systemdRESOLVED
631P3Nick BlackWorldsprezzos-installer build/ Makefile fails with make 3.82RESOLVED
638P3Nick BlackWorldPackages are being built without depends entriesVERIFIED
664P3Nick BlackWorldsubversion perl client breaksRESOLVED
685P3Nick BlackWorld-KDECan't build konsole 4.10.1RESOLVED
249P4Nick BlackWorldpackage our own libcRESOLVED
461P4Nick BlackWorldgnome-control-center crashes when running "shortcut settings"RESOLVED
472P4Nick BlackWorldmesa 9 seems buggyRESOLVED
540P4Nick BlackWorldupdate to miro 5, stop recommending ffmpegRESOLVED