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Fonts in both the installer and X environments are controlled through fontconfig and libfreetype.

Font Packages

This does not attempt to be a complete nor authoritative list. The ultimate record is always the actual SprezzOS repository.

Package Font(s) Creator(s) Homepage Description Google Web Font?
fonts-adobe-sourcesanspro Source Sans Pro Adobe "Source Sans is a set of OpenType fonts that have been designed to work well in user interface (UI) environments, as well as in text setting for screen and print." Y
fonts-awesome Awesome Dave Gandy "The iconic font designed for use with Twitter Bootstrap." N
fonts-cantarell Cantarell Dave Crossland "The typeface is designed as a contemporary Humanist sans serif, and was developed for on-screen reading; in particular, reading web pages on an HTC Dream mobile phone." Y


FreeMono, FreeSans,


URW++ Ghostscript,


"Besides a full set of characters for writing systems based on the Latin alphabet, FreeFont contains large selection of characters from other writing systems, some of which are hard to find elsewhere." N
fonts-inconsolata Inconsolata Raph Levien "It is a monospace font, designed for printed code listings and the like." Y (Superseded)
fonts-junicode Junicode Peter Baker "Junicode contains many special characters and ligatures for medievalists, along with numerous other Unicode glyphs. The font has OpenType features for advanced typesetting and includes true small caps.." N
fonts-liberation Liberation Sans Steve Matteson (Ascender Corp),

Oracle "Liberation™ Fonts is a font family which aims at metric compatibility with Arial, Times New Roman, and Courier New." N (see "Arimo")

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