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Lingo and terminology you'll hear bandied about among the users and developers of SprezzOS:

  • Allotrion. SprezzOS's default theming, as it applies to GRUB,, window managers and widget toolkits.
  • d-i. The Debian installer, on which s-i is based.
  • DBTS. The Debian Bug Tracking System (custom software) at
    • Appropriate bugs are forwarded there from Sprezzabugs.
  • DD. A Debian Developer, a DPM with voting rights.
    • There being no votes within the SprezzOS Project, there is no class of sprezzadevs corresponding to DDs.
  • deb. The Debian software package format, used by SprezzOS and other Debian-based distributions.
    • debs are generally served from an APT repository.
  • HIC. Hacker-in-Charge. A (Sprezzatech-appointed) governor herding the SprezzOS Project's team of cats.
  • NtO. Natasha the Orca, our mascot. She is consulted in moments of crisis; her blessing is sought for all our endeavors.
  • SprezzOS Project. The totality of software, assets, and people (sprezzadevs) coming together to form SprezzOS.
    • The SprezzOS Project is sponsored (but not owned by) Sprezzatech.
    • sprezzadevs retain copyright to their contributions to the Project.
    • This might be spun off into a non-profit organization.
  • udeb. "Microdeb" aka μdeb. A deb used in the installer, stripped down to bare essentials. See Chapter 3 of the d-i manual, "D-I Components or udebs".
  • World. All the software packaged for distribution with SprezzOS.