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systemd is the "master process" of a SprezzOS instance. It is the first userspace process invoked following the kernel/initramfs, and lives as PID 1 throughout the instance, playing the traditional role of /sbin/init (indeed, /sbin/init is a symlink to /lib/systemd/systemd on a typical SprezzOS box).

The Debian packages from which we derived generally did not ship systemd service files, though some upstream projects did ship their own. For each such package, we must add systemd support. We want to remain compatible with the Debian /etc/default system, so our systemd units specify these as EnrionmentFile entries as appropriate. The sysvinit file installed into /etc/init.d, however, is removed, and symlinks are no longer set up in /etc/rc.d.


Service Unit file Starts appropriately? Stops appropriately?
DBUS Yes, 1.6.8-SprezzOS1 Yes, 1.6.8-SprezzOS1
GPM No, 1.99.7-SprezzOS1git20130208 N/A
OpenNTPD Yes, 20080406p-SprezzOS8 Yes, 20080406p-SprezzOS8
OpenSSH Yes, 1:6.1p1-SprezzOS13 Yes, 1:6.1p1-SprezzOS13
Postfix Broken, 2.10.0-SprezzOS1 N/A

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