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SprezzOS 1.1.1 released.
Mon, 29 Apr 2013 18:57:49 -0400

SprezzOS 1.1.1, a bugfix release addressing issues related to GRUB2 bootloader installation, has been uploaded and signed. It is 337018880 bytes, quite a bit fatter than I'd like :/, and its SHA256 hash is 12d53990d6d4129a2041dc700467c877b102fd902c0ef8ce41cb8b3173987d15.

I currently plan to cut 1.2.0 in about a fortnight's time, including some 3.9.0+ kernel and a fix for bug 390. If I fix 390 before getting 3.9.0 packaged, I'll likely cut that as 1.1.3. SprezzOS 2 remains targeted to drop 0815 JST Hiroshima Day 2013, 2013-08-06, and to be packed to the testicles with awesomeness.

That is all. Hack on!
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