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growlight-0.99.0-rc0 drops like it's hot
Sat Jun 23 20:10:38 EDT 2012

Hot on the pursuit of SprezzOS 0.0.0-β, I've just tagged up the first release candidate of our system preparation tool, the Growlight. I started in on growlight about two weeks ago, after becoming enraged whilst working with d-i (the Debian Installer), especially its Partman component.

We've been busy little beavers in that time, with 57 bugs resolved for the 0.0.0-beta milestone (if you prefer, here's a nice table of issues addressed).

Growlight, Sprezzatech's open source system preparation tool

I think SprezzOS will be a day or two late, as there was just too much awesomeness needing packed into it. Hopefully we'll still get it out during Turing Weekend.

Here's the man page thus far for growlight(8):
Happy 100th, Dr. Turing! Thanks for all the good times :D.